Ordering a Subscription

This page provides an ordering overview - last updated on March 17, 2017

1 - contact Matt with the number of active students on your PowerSchool server at the district office level and which of the three possible subscriptions (full site, reports only, sqlExports) you wish to purchase. 

The subscriptions are sold based on the number of students at the district office level because sqlReports and sqlExports are used by all users with access to the server, and thus any reports or files from this site will be used by all users in the district.   The person requesting a quote must provide a screenshot of the number of active students on the Server Statistics page (system > system settings > server statistics - Data section).  Below is an example of how it looks:


Numbers will be checked at random and if it's found at some point in the process that an incorrect number was given, any quotes will be nullified and new ones will be issued.  If the discrepancy is discovered later on, accounts and support will be suspended until payment for the actual number is received.

2 - Matt will prepare an official quote based on the information in Step 1 and email it to you asap or within 24 hours.   There may be a delay if it's a weekend or Matt is traveling. 

Please be sure your email address accepts PDF files and that email from sisresources.com is not treated as spam.  The quote will be good for 30 days and if the quote expires, please repeat Step 1.  All amounts listed on the quote will be in US Dollars.

3 - A Purchase Order (PO) is required and an email address must accompany it with regards to where the invoice should be emailed.

A PO from the district or oganization is required - no sales to individuals are allowed.   Once a PO is received, an account will be created on sisresources.com for the customer to allow downloading of files and/or reports.  The person will receive emails with login information and information on how to use the site. 

An invoice will then be created and emailed to the address that accompanies the PO.   Acceptable forms of payment are by check drawn on a US bank or online using either a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.   Personal checks and wire transfers are not accepted.

All invoices will be Net 45.  If payment is not received in full within 45 days, accounts and support associcated with the order may be suspended until full payment is received.  If a customer requires a mailed copy of the invoice, please indicate that on the PO and keep in mind that Net 45 will still be enforced based on the invoice date.  Order information and payment history will be available to the person while they have login access.

All amounts listed on the invoice will be in US Dollars and payments must be in US Dollars.   Non-US customers must pay either online or from a US bank checking account.  Checks from international banks will be returned and orders suspended until proper payment is received.

4 - all sales are final, no refunds will be issued.   SIS Resources reserves the right to void a quote when necessary.