Course Recommendation Reports Added

A new Scheduling Reports section has been added, along with three reports to show course recommendations.  One of the reports is free and two are only for site subscribers.  The free one allows an admin to create a current selection of students and then run the report to see any course recommendations for those students.  The premium ones have similar outputs, but allows the admin to see the recommendations for either a specific course or those made by a specific teacher.

Part of each report is a drop-down to choose the school year.  That allows one to see recommendations for any year, including ones from past years.  However, one could edit the report and remove that parameter and edit the param coding in the sql and just hard code a yearid, such as 27 for the 17-18 year, or hard code ~(curyearid) to make it dynamic and based on the year the admin is in.

The new section and reports can be found here.

Update - redid the course recommendations by student report to have a Make Current Selection button on the output.  If someone filters by grade or course, the button would allow one to make the filtered students the current selection.  Also, added a new report, Count of Course Recommendations, which shows the number of recommendations per student at the current school.  You can enter a cutoff number, so it's an easy way to find those with either 0 or a few recommendations and make them the current selection.