sqlReports 5.6 Enhancement Requests

During February I'll be working on a new release - sqlReports 5.6 - that will build on 5.5.x and include some things I've been wanting to add.  The new version will only have HTML5 buttons - I don't plan to add any of the following to 5.4.x.  I'll only be updating 5.4.x if there are any critical issues with it.  Here is what I have planned to add so far to 5.6:

  • a header and footer area (will allow you to add directions on the output or put signature lines in the footer)
  • a sqlReports student screen in both the admin portal and teacher backpack area (will allow you to set some reports to show up in those areas when looking at an individual student - there are no plans to add sqlReports to PT Pro due to customization limitations)
  • making the left menu add-on part of the main product and it can be turned off and on in the preferences area
  • some new drop-down menus related to standards

I've created a form where you can add some enhancement requests and I'll see if I can work them in, however, there is no guarantee of them being added to 5.6 and may have to wait for a future version.  I've already had a few people email me some, but I thought I'd create a form to accept more.  Feel free to send in ideas for new features, drop-down menus, etc.  Also, you can just email me any enhancement requests if you'd rather do that instead of filling out the form.  Send them to matt @ sisresources.com. 

To access the form (it's a Google form), click here.