sqlReports 5.5 is Now Available

sqlReports 5.5 is now available and ushers in a new era of sqlReports - no more Flash!  sqlReports 5.5 is the same as 5.4.1 except for two main things:  1) there are no Flash buttons at all in 5.5, and 2) a newer version of the HTML5 button software allows the dropping of the Select Results button from sqlReports 5.x.   Below is more information about each item:

1)  No Flash buttons - with sqlReports 5.4.1, all reports default to using Flash buttons, however, reports can be set to use HTML5 buttons as needed.  sqlReports 5.x has been using this approach since it's introduction in December 2016, mainly as a way to transition to HTML5 buttons, but also because not everyone was using HTML5 enabled browsers when sqlReports 5 was released.   Since then, more browsers block Flash by default and more users are using HTML5 browsers.   it was becoming apparent that more places were wanting a HTML5 button only version of sqlReports.  With sqlReports 5.5, Flash buttons are a thing of the past and only HTML5 buttons are used.

2)  HTML5 functionality similar to the Flash buttons - ever since sqlReports 4.0, the output page for sqlReports has used a popular plugin for jquery called DataTables.  Shortly after the HTML5 version of the buttons for DataTables was released, sqlReports 5.0 was released with the new buttons.  However, until recently, the HTML5 buttons programming lacked a lot of the same functionality as the Flash buttons.  For that reason, with 5.4.1 and earlier versions of sqlReports 5.x, one has to select data first before copying, exporting, or printing it.  A recent update to DataTables and the HTML5 buttons coding has made it possible to drop that part from sqlReports and have the HTML5 buttons function similar to how the Flash buttons operate.   Below is how the buttons look in each version:

sqlReports 4.x thru 5.4.1 Flash buttons:


sqlReports 5.4.1 HTML5 buttons:


sqlReports 5.5 HTML5 buttons:


In addtion to the new version of sqlReports, the Saved Params add-on has been updated to include files for 5.5, so be sure to load them if you use the add-on and install 5.5.

Which version should I use?

Both versions will be available for download, but any new releases will build upon the 5.5 version since Flash is becoming a thing of the past.  The 5.4.1 version will remain as a download for awhile for those who wish to continue to use the Flash buttons because they're using older browsers still or use Flash for other things.  But for those places that would prefer not to install Flash or have a lot of devices that do not use Flash, 5.5 should be used, however, it should only be used if users have HTML5 browsers.

Will my reports change?

If you've been using the HTML5 buttons in 5.4.1 or earlier, you'll no longer see a Select All button because with 5.5 you can just click the buttons to copy, export, or print the data.  Also, if you've been using sqlReports 5.x, you'll notice there is no longer an option on the Edit, Results Page tab to use HTML5 buttons because it's no longer needed, and the H icon on the sqlReports home page to signify a report was using HTML5 buttons is no longer used because all reports will be using HTML5 buttons.

I installed 5.5 but the buttons don't seem to work right - is something wrong?

sqlReports 5.5 has some new css files and scripts, both which are typically cached by browsers, so you may need to clear your browser cache so that the new files are used.  If you're on the results page, you can also hold down the shift key and refresh the browser page to get updated files.

If you have any questions about 5.5, please feel free to contact me.  Any new reports will have the new buttons in the screenshots, and various parts of the site will be updated to show the new buttons.