sqlReports 5.3.1 is Now Available

sqlReports 5.3.1 is now availabe for both site subscribers and non-site subscribers.  This is not a mandatory upgrade - there are two main changes to it compared to 5.3.0:

1 - fixed a bug that was mentioned in a blog post last week about how a # in either the description, directions, or notes area, would keep text in the area from exporting.  The export creates textarea boxes for them now, which seems to fix the issue.  I had to update both the export file and the import file.  The export adds textarea coding to those three areas of the export, so if you're sharing a 5.3.1 import with users of earlier versions, you'll want to remove all the textarea coding itself so it imports correctly for them.  For example, the SQL Query is also exported out as a textarea, but I remove that coding before I post any reports to this site.

2 - sqlCharts Lite no longer uses Flash files and the alternative chart files downloads are not necessary for 5.3.1.  If you didn't have Flash installed, the charts would still appear via javascript, but I decided to remove the use of Flash similar to how I had done with the full version of sqlCharts.  The alternative chart files are no longer necessary as of 5.3.1 for those who were having issues with charts appearing when using the default coding.  I've created a folder in the sqlReports5 folder called FusionChartsJS and copied the js files from the core /flash folder to it.  The chart coding for both sqlCharts Lite and sqlCharts just look for the files in it now and should work for anyone, thus the reason for not needing the alternative chart files plugins anymore.

I also created a sqlReports 5 archives area for site subscribers and moved the downloads for 5.3.0 into that area.  Next week I'll be releasing some updates to other downloads that may have been affected by the bug mentioned in #1 above, or use Flash charts and will be using javascript coding instead.