Blank Descriptions, Directions, and Notes

One can export or backup a sqlReport by scrolling to the bottom of the edit page and right clicking on a link and saving a text file.  That file could then be used in the import process to add a report to sqlReports.  In the past there was an issue where the descriptions, directions, and notes parts of an export would be blank if the first item in any of those boxes was a <.  I was able to fix that issue, but it was brought to my attention today that having a # in those areas causes the area to be blank on the export.   For example, a # anywhere in the Notes area will keep everything in the Notes area from appearing on the export.

I have been experimenting with some coding that appears to fix the problem, but may not be able to get it into downloads until the week of October 16 due to the fact I want to test the coding thoroughly and it requires changing the import file as well.  But for now, one should remove any #'s in those areas prior to exporting to make sure the area exports okay. 

Please note the problem only exists with these three areas - description, directions, and notes.  It's okay to have #'s in the sql query and column headings - I use the # quite a bit with if commands in the sql query box - those areas will export okay. 

The problem may also exist with parts of sqlFormLetters, and Custom Links. I haven't had a chance to check them but will check them in the process of fixing the bug and make any necessary changes.

Thanks to Steve T for letting me know about the issue!