sqlCharts 2.0 is Now Available

sqlCharts 2.0 is now available as part of the site subscriber versions of sqlReports 5.3.  The update fixes the issue mentioned in this blog post, plus includes the following changes:

  • Flash was dropped and now all the charts are JavaScript based.   sqlCharts was checking to see if Flash was installed, and if so, would use Flash, and if not, would use JavaScript.  The check for Flash was removed.
  • The Flash Export option was removed as part of removing Flash.  When Flash was used, one could right-click on the chart and export the chart as a pdf or image.  When JavaScript was used, one had to use a screen capture tool.  One has to use a screen capture tool, such as Windows Snipping Tool or Mac Grab, to save the chart as an image.
  • The number of columns in the report is used to display some information.  A change was made to the params.html page to pass the number of columns in the report to the sqlCharts page.  If a report has only two columns, then only single series chart options are displayed.  When a report had more than two columns, multi-series options are also displayed, as well as information on the difference between single series and multi-series.   Thanks to Bob C for the suggestion.


The new downloads include 09282017 in the file name.   The new downloads include the site subscriber versions of sqlReports 5.3, the alternate chart files for 5.3, and the saved params for 5.3.

If one is currently on the site subscriber version of 5.3 and hasn't changed any files for it, the upgrade is a matter of deleting the plugin that is installed and install the plugin(s) from the 09282017 download.   Or one could just copy the params.html and sqlCharts.html files from the download to their current sqlReports5 folders.  sqlCharts 2.0 is not available for sqlReports 4.x and one should not copy the files from the downlaod to any current sqlReports4 folders.