PT Pro and Last Grade Update

Last year I had to update some reports due to the fact the last grade update part of the report wasn't showing for PT Pro.  Been getting emails asking about the same thing again as districts that hadn't move to PT Pro have decided to move to it this year and are noticing the missing data on their old reports.  So I thought I'd create this blog post to make it easier for people to find the blog posts that mentioned how to fix things:

- blog post on how to fix the sqlReports reports

- blog post on how to fix the low current grade reporting engine report for those who still use those reports

I've had some people ask about an old reporting engine that showed last gradebook updates.   There is not an update fo that reporting engine report because 1) I don't deal with the reporting engine anymore but instead use sqlReports, and 2) it would have required a complete rewrite of the report due to the tables involved.   I do have a last gradebook update report for sqlReports but it's only available to site subscribers.