sqlFormLetters 2.0 is now Available

Version 2 of sqlFormLetters is now available for full site subscribers.  This update only applies to the full version of sqlFormLettes - the Lite version has not been updated.  The following is a list of changes:

  • Added the preferred groups links and the help link to the top of home.html page.
  • Added a new link to view recent Oracle errors in the system log area.
  • Redid the online help page to match the tabs within sqlFormLetters.
  • Moved the “important information” text that appeared at the bottom of some tabs to the online help area instead.
  • Added some new drop-downs to the Parameters area.
  • Added some feedback message to various tab areas.
  • Updated the export file to fix an issue where some items didn’t export (description, header, footer, notes, etc.) didn’t export properly when there was a < at the beginning.
  • Miscellaneous changes to correct spelling errors and site references in sqlFormLetters and the installation and user guides.
  • Redid the sections drop-down in the teacher version to use more efficient sql.
  • Added more custom letters to the download.


The custom letters mentioned at the end are versions of the "Lite" letters found here.  I also added a download of just the letters to the Miscellaneous area for those who are using sqlFormLetters 1.0 and wish to use the letters as well.  sqlFormLetters 1.0 has been moved to an Archive - Miscellaneous folder.