An Updated Version of 5.3.0 is Now Available

I uploaded a new version of 5.3.0 with some minor changes.  I didn't think the changes warranted calling it 5.3.1, so it's still called 5.3.0, but the download files include the June 24 date, as does the help file.  Here are the changes that were made:

- updated the non-Flash output pages to remove double quotes around data on the Tab export.  Thanks to Pat L. for notifying me of the issue!

- updated the Schools - User (SN) and Schools - User (DCID) drop-down menus to fix an issue where they fail to work properly in certain circumstances.  The problem mainly exists when the list of school numbers is rather large.  Thanks to Don S. for notifying me of the issue!

- fixed an issue with the breadcrumbs on the non-Flash output page for the site subscriber version.  The breadcrumb was showing sqlReports instead of any custom name.

- removed the sqlReports installation and user guides from the download since that information can now be found at the Documentation page on this site.  The help file within sqlReports now has a link to the page as well.