sqlReports 5.3 Release Notes

sqlReports 5.3 is now available for download for all users.  This version builds on 5.1.1 and uses the latest version of DataTables (1.10.15) and Buttons (1.3.1) from the www.datatables.net web site.  The files are used when one runs a report that uses the non-Flash version of the report.  The new files do contain new css and js files, so one should either clear the browser cache or click on shift-reload when running a non-Flash report to use the latest files.

The new files should help fix issues with the buttons reported by Peter N and Tim K, as mentioned in recent blog posts.  Due to the new files, users of some browsers may receive a prompt to use a keyboard method, such as Ctrl-C, to copy rows once the Copy button has been clicked on.  This is due to the new DataTables and Buttons files and not because of any changes in sqlReports.  The prompt may happen always or just when copying large amounts of rows at one time.  Little things like the copy prompt will happen with the HTML5 buttons and different browsers due to the fact that Flash, which was basically the same across browsers, is not being used with non-Flash reports.

A request was received recently from a user, Joel L, to have a drop-down that would pass the id from a list of scheduling terms for the school, and that drop-down was added in 5.3 as Terms - ID.   The drop-down will show the id and the abbreviation for the term, such as 2600 (16-17), but only passes the id, such as 2600, to the sql.