New sqlReports Beta Version Available

A beta version of sqlReports 5.2 is available for download by clicking here.  The beta builds on the current release of 5.1.0 with a couple new features - an expanded Add After Title part and a Header / Footer area.

The new Add After Title part allows you to include today's date after the title or the Param1 value and the date.  The date shows up fine on the screen, but if you print to pdf using the PDF Flash button, the date doesn't come out correctly.  It does appear okay when using the Non-Flash PDF button.

The Header / Footer areas allow you to add information above or below the report.  The information could include directions for users on how to use the filters for the report, or contain information about the report itself that you want on print outs.  The information only appears when you use the browser print feature or the PS printer icon.  It does not print when using any of the sqlReports buttons as they only print the title and table.