sqlReports Beta Update

I pulled the sqlReports 5.1 Beta because I'm going to be releasing a regular 5.1 instead and the beta will become 5.2.  I have some updates I want to add to 5 and I thought having a 5.0.1 regular and a 5.1.0 beta may be confusing, so the next regular release will be 5.1 and the beta will be 5.2 instead to avoid any confusion with the numbers.  The regular 5.1 will have some sql changes to the PST current sections drop-downs and I'm also going to add in some of the minor changes I had in the beta.  The 5.2 beta will build on the regular 5.1 and have the header and footer parts, plus I'm going to remove the flash buttons from it and just have it do the non-flash only.