Current Classes by Period - Students typo

If you downloaded the Current Classes by Period - Students report on Tuesday when it was free or other times if you're a site subscriber, there was a typo in the sql which will cause the report not to run. There was a stray & in this part:

WHERE s.enroll_status = 0 and s.schoolid = ~(curschoolid) AND cc.DateEnrolled&<=sysdate AND cc.DateLeft>=sysdate and sm.period_number = %param1%

The stray & is right after cc.DateEnrolled and should be deleted.  The report exported out with the ampersand in place of the < and I always change those when I add the report to the site, but I didn't get everything deleted.  I've updated the report on the site, but if you're not a site subscriber, you'll need to change it in on your server.

Thanks to John D for catching it!