Some new attendance reports and info on future reports

I added a couple new reports to the Attendance Reports page - they're enhanced versions of a couple popular free reports and the new reports are only for site subscribers.  I would get a lot of emails from users of the free reports asking how to make it so the admin could search on attendance codes when running the report.  For example, instead of seeing all of the codes, they just wanted to search for T codes.  So I decided to go ahead and create reports with that functionality, but also added column filtering, and for the attendance report, added the class involved.  I'll probably add the search by code to the other premium reports as well - I'll just update those reports though instead of adding new versions completely.

I have some other attendance reports I'll be adding soon that are weekly grid reports.  Basically one can choose a date and see the attendance information for the week that date falls in.  Right now I have reports that show meeting attendance information by code, by school, by expression, and by section.  The expression and section ones are interesting in that one can choose a code, such as absent, and see how often it happened during a certain period or for a certain section.  An admin can see if a lot of students have missed a certain period or section, or if one chose tardies, if students seem to be tardy for more certain periods or sections.  The daily attendance versions have by code and by school for now.

I'll also be adding some new reports to the Health area.  I've had a request for a Oral Health Screening report and I'm going to add one for TB screenings as well.  I also have some new reports to add for the Live Schedules area and plan on using the grid style reporting for other reports, such as reports on fees and portal access.

Right now any new reports will just be site subscriber based.  There may be one or two of the new reports that are free, but it'll be a small number.  My goal is to reach 200 reports on the site before summertime.