SGST 2.1 is Now Available

SGST, aka the Standards Grade Search Tool, has been updated to 2.1.  Here are the two changes:

- made a change to the sql to pull the standard name correctly.  The column could be blank in earlier versions if the name wasn't populated in the standardgradesection table.  SGST now pulls the name from the standard table, similar to how it pulls the identifier.  A column filter was also added to make it easier to filter by name.

- the admin version of SGST uses files installed by sqlReports.  The 2.1 plugin includes versions of SGST to account for users of sqlReports 4 or sqlReports 5.  If you move to sqlReports 5 and delete sqlReports 4, be sure to install the sqlReports 5 plugin for SGST from its download.