sqlReports 5 is Now Available

sqlReports 5 has been released!  The free version of it can be found on the sqlReports Download page, and the site subscriber version is available to site subscribers in the premium downloads area.  Some add-ons were also updated, including the admin left nav menu link, Saved Params, and the alternative sqlCharts files.  Below is a FAQ on the new version:

How is 5 different than 4?

sqlReports 5 is basically 4.7.0 with the option to use non-Flash buttons, some new drop-downs, and some coding cleanup.  The non-Flash buttons are HTML 5 based and allows users to be able to use the buttons on machines without Flash installed.  The new drop-downs pass dcid values to make it easier to search on newer tables.  There are new menus for the teacher portal and a new sections one for the admin portal, all passing dcid values.  The coding cleanup has to do with some adjustments to the DCID and DCID DISPLAY code on the output pages to fix a problem that arose when those columns were in specific places and did not work correctly.

Do I need to upgrade to 5?

It's not required to upgrade and most users probably won't unless they want to use the non-Flash buttons on some reports.  You can actually upgrade to 5 and not use the non-Flash buttons - all the reports will continue to use Flash buttons unless a person checks a box to use the non-Flash ones.

Will I lose any reports if I upgrade?

No, the upgrade only upgrades the files used by the customization.  The reports are kept in the Gen table and are not affected by upgrades or changes in versions.

Is it easy to upgrade?

Yes, especially if you use the plugin approach.  All you have to do is delete the current plugin and install the plugin for 5.  Do not use the Upgrade option on the plugin page if you're on PS 10 - it will error out due to the version change of sqlReports.  The installation guide covers upgrading in more detail.  Also, make sure you upgrade the teacher portal version if you're using it.  You want to make sure you always have the same version installed in both portals, for example, both running 4.7, both running 5, etc.

Also, sqlReports 5 is installed in it's own directory - /admin/sqlReports5.  If you have custom drop-down menu's, you'll need to move them to the new folders, and you'll also need to update any installed add-ons, such as Saved Params or Left Navigation menu plugins.  Finally, if you modified the params.html page permissions in sqlReports 4 to give all groups Full Access to the page, you'll need to do the same thing with /admin/sqlReports5/params.html as it will have it's own default permissions.

Are there any known issues?

No, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  The non-Flash buttons are HTML 5 based, so make sure your users are using browsers that support HTML 5.  Also, you may notice some slowness with the non-Flash buttons and reports that have column filtering or row grouping due to some legacy coding.  If the slowness is significant, it's best to use the Flash buttons with those reports if possible.   Clicking on the Print non-Flash button will produce an output with a left border on the screen, but it will not print out.  Finally, the non-Flash buttons work a little differently in that one must select the rows first to use with the buttons.  There is a select all button or one can select rows by hand.  But it's a different approach compared to the Flash buttons and may take some getting used to at first.