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If you get a Cross-Site Scripting Error when trying to import a report, please read this article.


System Admin Reports

The following is a list of reports that can be imported into sqlReports, version 4.3 or higher.  Clicking on the report name will take you to the page with the coding to import.  The screenshots were created from fictional data in a sample database provided by PowerSchool.  Reports with uploaded dates prior to 9/1/16 were originally uploaded to

Admin Portal Reports

Report Name / Description Created By Uploaded

Basic Plugin Information
Basic information about plugins that have been installed by users.  Includes when the plugin was installed and column filtering is enabled.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 5/11/15

CPM - Custom Files Information
Report which will list out all of the custom files in CPM.  Includes filtering and is a modification of a report in the custom reports bundle.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 5/11/15
  Data Dictionary - Field Search
Type in the field you want to find and the results should include any table, including extended tables, with that field in it..  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 9/25/14
  Data Dictionary - Tables
Similar to the data dictionary pdf for tables from PowerSource - lists fields, fieldtypes, and field size.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 8/23/14
  Data Dictionary - Views
Similar to the data dictionary pdfs for views from PowerSource - lists fields, fieldtypes, and field size.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 8/23/14
  Data Views SQL
Listing of PS views, such as PSRW_HEALTHOFFICEVISITS, and the sql used in creating the view.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 8/23/14

Extended Field Information
A listing of the extended fields in the database, along with information such as field type and when the field was created.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 6/21/16

Extended Field Mapping
A listing of the extended fields that are mapped to legacy fields.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 6/21/16

Extended Table Information
A listing of the extended tables in the database, including the keys necessary to join the table to other tables.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 6/21/16

sqlReports Reports Information
Report will list all of the reports in sqlReports by category and show access groups and last time they were run.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 8/23/14