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If you get a Cross-Site Scripting Error when trying to import a report, please read this article.


Fees Reports

The following is a list of reports that can be imported into sqlReports, version 4.3 or higher.  Clicking on the report name will take you to the page with the coding to import.  The screenshots were created from fictional data in a sample database provided by PowerSchool.  Reports with uploaded dates prior to 9/1/16 were originally uploaded to

Admin Portal Reports

Report Name / Description Created By Uploaded

Current Fee Balances
Shows fee balances and the totals for the entire student body or the current selection of students. (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 9/22/14


Charts - Admin Portal

Report Name / Description Created By Uploaded
  Fee Summary
Report can be run for the current school or at the district level.  Will show the total amount of fees for the year, the total paid, the total remaining balance, and overall totals.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 9/22/14