sqlFormLetters Lite Overview

sqlFormLetters Lite is a free version of sqlFormLetters.  It looks similar to the full version but without the Text and SQL tabs in the setup area.  It has the following limitations compared to the full version:

 Feature sqlFormLetters Lite   sqlFormLetters
 Creating Letters No parts of the actual letter (header, body, footer) are saved to the database.  Each letter is it's own html page, and sqlFormLetters Lite is mainly used to link to the page and display user and letter parameters.   The header, body, and footer of a letter can be created and saved in the database.   Custom letters, which are html pages, can also be used.
 Portals Only available for the admin portal.   Available for the admin portal and the teacher portal.
 Support The user guide in the download.   Support and upgrades are included as part of the sisresources.com full site subscription

Even though it lacks the full funtionality of sqlFormLetters, you can still use the Lite version to create your own form letters.   However, you must create the letters as custom html pages and basically use sqlFormLetters Lite to link to them and use parameters when running the letter.  sqlFormLetters Lite includes sample letters (two student letters, one staff letter) which can be used as templates for future letters, and more can be found here.

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sqlFormLetters Lite FAQ

Do I need to be on a specific version of PowerSchool to use it?

Yes - you must be on PS 10 or higher.

Do I need to be running sqlReports to use it?

No - it's a customization that's independent of sqlReports.

The following is a list of free letters that can be imported into sqlFormLetters Lite - do not use them with the full version of sqlFormLetters or with sqlReports.  Users of the full version of sqlFormLetters with an active full site subscription can find modified versions of the letters and directions for use in the Miscellaneous folder in the premium downloads area.

Reports are listed in order by category and then report name.   To use a report, click on the Download link for it and then unzip the file you download.  The downloads are not plugins and do not try to install them as plugins.  Instead, after you unzip the file, you'll find three files:  1) a readme file, 2) the file to upload to your sqlFormLetters Lite folder area, and 3) an import file that open in a text editor and copy and paste the information into sqlFormLetters Lite using it's import feature.

The screenshots below are in color, but your letters will probably print in black and white.  Use the print preview feature of your browser to view the output before sending the output to a printer.  Letters can look different in different browsers, so be sure to view them in the browser you or other admins will be using when printing the letter.  Also, some letters will require you to narrow the selection of students or staff before running.  For example, to avoid blank pages for students when running the Low Grades one, find students with low grades first by either using a sqlReport report that creates a current selection, or use the Search By Grades built-in function to create a current selection.


Student Letters

Category Letter Created By Uploaded
Attendance   Daily Attendance Information - view daily attendance information using a date range. (screenshot, download)   Matt Freund   7/26/15
Attendance   Meeting Attendance Information - view meeting attendance information using a date range. (screenshot, download)   Matt Freund   7/26/15
Discipline   Disciple Logs Information - view discipline log information using a date range. (screenshot, download)   Matt Freund   7/26/15
Grades   Low Grades - only show information about classes with low grades for a specific grading term. (screenshot, download)   Matt Freund   7/26/15
Incident   Incident Management Information - view incident management information using a date range. (screenshot, download)   Matt Freund   7/26/15
Schedules   Matrix Schedule- show a student's schedule in matrix view along with locker information. (screenshot, download)   Matt Freund   7/26/15
Single Sign-on   Single Sign-on Information - access information for students with the same home phone number, can take awhile to run because it uses tlist rather than tlist_sql. (screenshot, download)   Matt Freund   7/26/15


Staff Letters

Category Letter Created By Uploaded
Schedules   Class Information - information about the sections for the teacher. (screenshot, download)   Matt Freund   7/26/15