Custom Links Lite Overview

Custom Links Lite is a free version of Custom Links.   It has the following limitations compared to the full version:

 Feature Custom Links Lite   Custom Links
 Portals Only available for the admin portal.   Available for the admin portal and the teacher portal.
 Support The user guide in the download.   Support and upgrades are included as part of the full site subscription.

This version of Custom Links was actually Version 1.2 that was only available to full site subscribers.  It was renamed Custom Links Lite and released as a free download once Version 2.0 was released for full site subscribers.

Custom Links Lite (1/20/2018) Size: File Size 212.65 KB Downloads: Download 115 Download

Custom Links Lite FAQ

Do I need to be on a specific version of PowerSchool to use it?

Yes - you must be on PS 9 or higher.

Do I need to be running sqlReports to use it?

No - it's a customization that's independent of sqlReports.