An update on SIS Resources

I've moved some of the non-sqlReports stuff back to this site from the site, which was just a temporary location for them.  The software I used as the backbone for this site had become outdated and I couldn't upgrade it, so I decided instead of taking the site down for awhile, it was better to create a new site for just sqlReports and redo this one.  

Recently I've had time to work on this site again and it's now updated and I've started adding content back to the site.  I'll be adding more content too, mainly in the Articles area.  For now, everything will be available without a login, but at some point I may add logins or I may add advertising to the site.

Finally, been playing around with the look of the site, and there's a chance it may still change.  But for now I'm just going with the current look and changing the colors to match the seasons and holidays :)



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