How To Import a sqlReports Report

The following describes how to import a report from this site into sqlReports 4 or 5.  The process is very simple and similar steps would be used to import a report that was exported out as a backup, that someone emailed you, or that you found somewhere else online that had been exported out of sqlReports 4 or 5. 

Step 1

Highlight all of the code related to the report.  On this site, that's all the code that appears in the gray box below the words that read, "Code to Copy...".  Here is an example of highlighting the code from the Current Grades - No Minimum report.  Only part of it shows - one would actually highlight all the way to the bottom of the gray box and include the RowGroupsDesc line as well:


Step 2

From the sqlReports home page, click on the link to Import a new sqlReport:


Step 3

Paste all the highlighted code that was copied in Step 1 into the box that appears on the Import sqlReport page:


Step 4

Click the Submit button toward the bottom of the Import sqlReport page.  Provided you copied and pasted all of the code that goes with the report, your report will now appear in the menu of reports.  The name of the report will appear based on what is in the ReportName line of the import, and if there was a group name in the ReportGroup line, the report will appear in that group.  Those items could be changed prior to importing if needed.


Important:  These steps only work for importing sqlReports 4 or 5 reports, such as those found on this site.  They do not work for importing reports made with older versions, such as sqlReports 3 or the Custom SQL Reports reports from the custom reports bundle.  If you want to duplicate those in sqlReports 4 or 5, you'll need to create a new report rather than use the import feature, and build a new report using the sql, headings, and parameters from the old report, and add in any new features.


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