sqlReports - Acknowledgements

sqlReports would never have existed without the knowledge, expertise, hard work, and long hours of Dean Dahlvang.  Dean released the first version of sqlReports in March of 2009 and released updates and newer versions over the years, including sqlReports 3 in February of 2012.  Dean had been working on sqlReports 3.5, which included the change over to DataTables and TableTools, however, he never released it as he changed jobs in early 2013 and moved away from doing PowerSchool related work.  Dean was kind enough to share 3.5 with Matt Freund and Bob McGregor and it was used as the foundation for sqlReports 4 and higher.

Bob McGregor has been a huge help in the development of sqlReports 4.  He has done extensive testing of it and helped code the workings of the Make Current Selection button and the class coding to go with it, the debug information on the results page, and an improved export option to keep system variable coding in place, to name just a few things.

Thank you to Brian Andle for coding assistance to ensure the proper workings of sqlReports in the move from 3 to 4.

Finally, a big thank you to you, the user, who has made this one of the most popular PowerSchool customizations in use!


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