sqlReports Version History - Released 2/16/2018

  • Updated the column filter file to fix the issue with &'s not working with HTML5 buttons (thanks to Romy B for finding the issue).
  • Fixed an issue where Row Grouping Counts were not appearing with HTML5 buttons. - Released 2/15/2018

  • Updated the column filter file to fix the issue with &'s not working (thanks to Romy B for finding the issue).
  • Fixed an issue where Row Grouping Counts were not appearing.

5.4.3 and 5.5.2 - Released 1/29/2018

  • Updated the params file to fix an issue going back to 5.4.1 (thanks to Peter N for finding the issue).
  • Redid the HTML5 buttons in 5.4.3 to be similar to the ones in 5.5.2

5.4.2 and 5.5.1 - Released 1/20/2018

  • Updated the import file to work with any version of PowerSchool released after 1/19/2018 (thanks to Adam L for the fix).

5.5.0 - Released 1/17/2018

  • Removed Flash buttons and leaving HTML5 buttons as the standard going forward.
  • Updated the DataTables to v. 1.10.16 and Buttons to v. 1.5.1.

5.4.1 - Released 1/10/2018

  • Fixed a bug with the Open in New Window option (Thanks to Charles P for finding the issue).

5.4.0 – Released 11/1/2017

  • Removed sqlCharts Lite from the free version and replaced it with the full version of sqlCharts.
  • Removed coding in sqlCharts that prevented decimals in charts.

5.3.1 – Released 10/20/2017

  • Fixed a bug where # would keep descriptions, directions, and notes from exporting. (Thanks to Steve T. for finding the issues.)
  • Removed references to the /flash folder for sqlCharts and sqlCharts Lite and added a folder to the sqlReports5 folder called FusionChartsJS with the js files from the /flash folder.  All charts are now displayed using only javascript.

5.3.0 – Released 6/15/2017

  • Updated DataTables to v. 1.10.15 and Buttons to v. 1.3.1 coding to fix some issues. (Thanks to Tim K. for finding the issues.)
  • Added a new drop-down, Terms – ID, that will display the termid’s for the current year and pass the id to the sql. (Thanks to Joel L. for the suggestion.)
  • 6/24/17 - Removed double quotes around data for Tab exports when using the non-Flash button.  (Thanks to Pat L. for finding the issue.)
  • 6/24/17 - Updated the Schools - User (SN) and Schools - User (DCID) drop-down menus to fix an issue where they fail to work properly in certain circumstances.  (Thanks to Don S for notifying me of the issue.)
  • 6/24/17 - Fixed an issue with the breadcrumbs on the non-Flash output page for the site subscriber version.  The breadcrumb was showing sqlReports instead of any custom name and the issue is now fixed.
  • 6/24/17 - removed the sqlReports installation and user guides from the download since that information can now be found at the Documentation page on this site.  The help file within sqlReports now has a link to the page as well.
  • 9/28/17 - updated sqlCharts to 2.0.

5.2.0 – Released 5/2/2017

  • Beta version featuring the addition of a header and footer area (not yet added to a final release).

5.1.1 – Released 6/6/2017

  • Updated the coding for the non-Flash version of the Copy button.       Copying wasn’t working reliably with the original coding. (Thanks to Peter N. for finding the issue.)
  • Redid the Build Headings command to add OK and Cancel to the popup so that one can check on how many headings are identified without replacing them.

5.1 – Released 4/19/2017

  • Added an Edit sqlReport link to the breadcrumb of the output page.       The link is only seen on admin portal reports by those in the sqlReports preferred admin group.
  • Added a link to the System Log to view ORA- errors (Oracle errors) on the output page when Display Debug Info is checked.
  • Redid the sqlReports Help page and added a link to it on the sqlReports home page.
  • Moved information that appeared at the bottom of the Report, Parameters, and Results Page tabs to the sqlReports Help area.
  • Used PS feedback coding to highlight messages when creating or editing a report.
  • Added new Page Permissions related messages to the prefs and params pages.
  • Redid the 4 current sections drop-downs for the teacher portal.

sqlReports 5 – Released 12/9/2016

  • Added the ability to run reports using non-Flash buttons and added a new icon to the sqlReports home page to show which of the reports have that option checked.
  • Added some new drop-down menus dealing with dcid values for sections and schools.
  • Redid the class=”DCID” and class=”DCID DISPLAY” coding on the output pages to fix some issues with their use.

4.7.0 – Released 3/16/2016

  • Added Create a new sqlReport and Import a new sqlReport links to the top of the sqlReports 4 home page.
  • Added a note when creating a new report about which parts of a report should be filled in initially.
  • If no parameters are being used, the word Parameters does not appear on the output.
  • Added the option to hide parameters on the output. (Thanks to Kaur for the suggestions regarding the parameters changes on the output.)
  • Added the option to add gridlines on the output. (Thanks to Roger S for the suggestion.)
  • Modified the teacher drop-downs regarding sections to fix a bug. (Thanks to Alex L for finding the bug and testing the new sql.)
  • Added two new drop-downs for the admin portal showing the current selection of students.
  • Fixed a bug in the export that was exporting blank information when the report description, directions, or notes started with a <.

4.6 – Released 7/1/2015

  • Added sqlReports 4 Teachers to the download.
  • Added a Directions box to the Edit, Parameters page. The directions show up when a user runs a report. (Thanks to Brian B for the suggestion.)
  • Redid the display name in the sections drop-down menus in sqlReports 4 Teachers. (Thanks to Pat L for the suggestion.)

4.5a – Released 5/9/2015

  • Added coding to show who imported or created reports and who updated the report last. The information from the coding is displayed in the Notes area of the report.
  • Added the above to the user guide and corrected some information in the Parameters area of the user guide.
  • Redid the export file to remove textarea coding around the report description part.

4.5 – Released 3/10/2015

  • Added coding to enforce field level security on reports.
  • Courtesy of Bob McGregor, added coding to display external expressions on reports.
  • Added items such as run access groups and exclude from user list to exports and imports.
  • Added an option to leave off column headings on csv and tab exports.
  • Added several new drop-down menus.

4.4 – Released 7/5/2014

  • Added a new drop-down menu system that makes it easier to add new menus.
  • New coding was added to make FROM in fields in a select clause work properly.
  • Charting changes – new charts, the ability to set an initial chart for each report, display of the chart icon on the home page for all users to signify which reports are charts
  • The ability to change row grouping sort order to either ascending or descending.
  • Removed the export for versions prior to sqlReports 4.
  • Sept 1 - Updated guides and files to reference sqlreports4.com.
  • Nov 10 - Removed a space after the report title on the output page that was causing a space to appear on exports prior to the file extension name.
  • Nov 10 - Hard coded the footer on the pages to avoid old pages using the current footer.
  • Nov 10 - Added field level security and report title information to the Important Information part at the bottom of the Edit, Report section

4.3 – Released 3/5/2014

  • Added sqlCharts Lite.
  • Changed any references to sqlreports4.com to sisresources.com.
  • Included a page fragment to create the tab when using the plugin. Thanks to Jason Treadwell for the original coding and Roger Sprik for the sqlReports 4 modification.
  • Added some coding courtesy of Bob McGregor to make multiple WITH’s above the main SELECT possible.
  • Released a PS 8 version on June 27, 2014. Only change was to the footer.html and params.html. The change to footer was to show PS 8 and the change to params.html was to fix an issue of row background colors.

4.2a – Released 1/2/2014

  • Added an option to include the Row Grouping field in a column so that it exports.
  • Added the option to include counts on the Row Grouping rows.
  • Disabled Make Current Selection when Row Grouping is used because of the possibility of erroneous dcid’s appearing due to Row Grouping.
  • Created a download specific for 7.10 users. The 7.10 version of sqlReports takes care of some new coding in 7.10 that makes it possible to use the group value of the school the admin is in versus their home school group value.

4.2 – Released 12/10/2013

  • Redid certain pages to enforce page security based on the Preferred Admin Security Group.
  • Redid the home page so that reports marked as ‘exclude from list’ did not show up on the home page of those not in the Preferred Admin Security Group.
  • Added a Notes section to the Edit Reports area. (Thanks to Steven M. for the idea!)
  • Added a Print button to the output page.
  • Added column filtering to the output page.
  • Added row grouping to the output page.

4.1 – Released 10/1/2013

  • Added the following ‘Extras’ from datatables.net to the report output: Show/Hide Columns, Fixed Header, and Column Reordering to report output.
  • Created a custom css file with all the DataTables and TableTools css information for use on the report.html page. The file is called sqlReports4.dataTables.css.
  • Added the report name to the top of Edit screens (Bob McGregor).
  • Redid the Edit screens layout – removed the Misc tab and replaced it with the Results Page tab. Moved ‘Exclude From User List’ from Misc to Report tab.
  • Added the use of class=”HIDE” to the Report Header edit area. When used, the column will be hidden when the report initially displays.

4.0b – Released 7/1/2013

  • Added a mouse-over popup of the report description to the report title on the home page (Bob McGregor).
  • Updated the debug info to show on the results page for any report (Bob McGregor). Also, removed the debug popup window from the param.html page that was used in previous versions.
  • Added the Use Landscape for PDF option to Edit, Misc.  Also, added the value to the export and import files and to the list on the import guidelines page.
  • Fixed an issue with dates and other text with /'s not appearing correctly when using the ‘Add After Report Title’ feature and the PDF button. The information will appear on a line below the title now instead of to the right of it.
  • Updated the Activities drop-down to also include district-wide activities.

4.0a – Released 6/23/2013

  • Added Param1 Value as an option to the Add After Report Title menu. When used, the value in the Parameter 1 box will appear on the results page.
  • Added a link on the import page to an import guidelines pages. The guidelines page shows the proper formatting and order necessary.
  • Changed the Display Debug Info from a checkbox to a drop-down menu. One option shows a popup after the parameters page like with previous versions, and the other option shows the debug info just on the results page.

4.0 – Released 6/1/2013

  • Matt Freund took over maintenance of the customization as the original author, Dean Dahlvang, has changed jobs and no longer works as a PowerSchool system administrator or with the PowerSchool product.
  • Added DataTables and TableTools functionality to the customization output area. DataTables controls the look and feel and TablesTools adds the export buttons.
  • Changed the Build Header command to use th rather than td in order to take advantage of DataTables functionality.
  • Added a 'Convert td's to th's' link to make it easy for users to change existing column headings to th.
  • Added calendar and drop-down options to the Parameters tab.
  • Added Option B to the Student Selection tab to use with the current selection button.
  • Added dynamic row numbering to the output.
  • Added hide/show options for the new functions to the Misc tab.
  • Added a footer to each page to show the version number and contributors to this customization.

3.00 - Released 2/2/2012

  • Added the ability to run reports by security group.
  • Added export functionality - thanks to Brent for the idea to look to Flash.
  • Changed the edit page to include the Tab features with PS7
  • Added Configuration page to manage the general admin security group and also the export delimiter.
  • General bug fixes and some code clean up.
  • THANKS to Chris, Joan, Laurie, Margie, Oskar and Schelly for the beta testing help!

2.00 - Released 6/1/2010

  • Removed the tagging from the sql query. Columns of data are now considered at the report level.
  • Added the ability to group reports. Grouping is based on the logic for Standards entry.
  • At the report level, added a button to generate a printable version of the report.
  • Thanks to Laurie Kinney for doing a little beta testing for me!!

1.10 - Released 9/24/2009

  • Fixed Open in a New Window functionality.
  • Added Build Query function to the Student Selection Query.
  • Flip-flopped the position of the sql query and the header fields.
  • Added functionality to build a generic header, if the header is blank, when the Add Tags function is used on the sql query.
  • Included corny graphics on home page to identify Edit, Create, Import and Excluded functions.
  • Added the option to exclude reports from the end user listing. This should allow for reports to be developed but not published.

1.00 - Released 7/22/2009

  • Added functionality to "untag" a sql query. This is pretty rough, but I liked the idea. (Thanks Matt!)
  • Version 6'ified some things. Added code for the tabs across the top and change the NEW button to be a link similar to RE page.
  • Added userfrn to the form call in import.html.
  • Modified the sqlreports.txt export template to not include the IF logic to validate that fields were being used and added Include Row Number. All fields are now exported. This was causing a server error.
  • Tag functionality now works in IE.

0.92 - Released 4/3/2009

  • Reports are now visible for all schools.
  • Reports can contain the row number by selecting a check box on the edit page. (Thanks Matt!)
  • Fixed security bug by using userfrn in the url parameter. (Thanks Jason!)

0.91 - Released 3/22/2009

  • Modified student selection to navigate to admin/studentlist/functions.html.
  • Added import/export ability.
  • Added <td> parsing for SQL Query field.
  • Special thanks go out to Roger Sprik and Shane Thompson for providing constructive feedback and timely inspiration.

0.90 - Released 3/16/2009

  • Initial Release

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