Basis Troubleshooting - General Use

All of the Reports Suddenly Disappear from the Menu - Admin Portal – a common case is when one switches from the free version to the site subscriber version or vice versa - due to a change in coding between the two, one has to reset the “preferred admin security group” before the reports will appear.  Reports can also disappear when someone changes the name of a report and some characters in it cause issues in the sql that lists the reports on the menu.  In DDA, go to the Gen table and do a search on cat=sqlreports.  Look to see if all the reports are still there, and if so, look for a report that was recently added or edited and check the name or title for characters, such as double quotes, and delete either the characters or report.  If the issue is with a report group name, you’ll need to delete the report via DDA as it’s not possible to change the group name in DDA.  

All of the Reports Suddenly Disappear from the sqlReports - Teacher Portal – this can happen if there’s a mismatch in versions.  Make sure the version installed for the teacher portal matches the one used in the admin portal in both version number and type (free vs site subscriber version).

Any Admin Can Get to the Prefs Page – the prefs.html page is the page where one sets the Preferred Admin Security Group.  The group value is then used to lock users out of other sqlReports pages (import, edit, etc.), but is not used on the prefs page because the page must be accessed after installing sqlReports.  To prevent unauthorized users from accessing the prefs.html page, use PowerSchool’s built-in Page Permissions feature on the page.

Buttons Don’t Work on the Results Page for Flash Reports – the Adobe Flash plug-in is required for the buttons on the results page to work properly unless the report is a non-Flash report.  Make sure the free Flash plug-in has been installed for the browser.

There’s No Submit Button on the ‘Run sqlReport’ Admin Page – this typically happens when the user group the admin is in has View Only access to the params.html page.  Make sure the admin user group has Full Access to the params.html page.  If you were on sqlReports 4 and upgraded to sqlReports 5, you'll need to update access for the sqlReports 5 params.html page as it's in a different folder path.

There Are No Results in sqlCharts Lite – there may not be any data being returned by the sql.  Make sure there are results first by running it as a regular report rather than a chart.  If you get results as a regular report but no chart, try installing the alternative files located here.

Unresponsive Script Errors - all of the data on the sqlReports output page is returned in the browser, so with reports that return thousands of rows, the browser may time out and give an error that a script is unresponsive.  Clicking continue should allow the browser to continue working.  If all you're doing with the report is creating an export file, you may want to use sqlExports or sqlExports Lite to help create the file as the output page isn't required.

Variables in the Report Header do not Export – if you have something like ~([06]ParamVal2) in the report header, when you export the report it will put the actual value instead of ~([06]ParamVal2).   You’ll need to edit the export file and copy and paste the report heading information from the report into the ReportHeader part of the export file.


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