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The screenshots below are in color, but your letters will probably print in black and white.  Use the print preview feature of your browser to view the output before sending the output to a printer.  Letters can look different in different browsers, so be sure to view them in the browser you or other admins will be using when printing the letter.  Also, some letters will require you to narrow the selection of students or staff before running.  For example, to avoid blank pages for students when running the Low Grades one, find students with low grades first by either using a sqlReport report that creates a current selection, or use the Search By Grades built-in function to create a current selection.

Student Letters

Attendance Information - Daily - View daily attendance information using a date range.


Attendance Information - Meeting - View meeting attendance information using a date range.


Disciple Logs Information - View discipline log information using a date range.


Incident Management Information - View incident management information using a date range.


Low Grades - Only show information about classes with low grades for a specific grading term.


Matrix Schedule - Show a student's schedule in matrix view along with locker information.


Staff Letter

Class Information - Aggregate information about the sections for the teacher.



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