How To Make sqlReports Available to Teachers

sqlReports for the teacher portal allows one to make sqlReports reports available in the teacher portal.  It's important to set it up correctly, and the following describes how to set things up properly in the admin portal.  In addition to the following information, it's important one reads the Handy SQL for Teacher Reports in sqlReports article in order to create proper reports.

Be sure the version of sqlReports you're using in the teacher portal matches the version in the admin portal, such as both are 5.3.0.  If you're a site subscriber and have the site subscription version of sqlReports installed in the admin portal, do not install the free version of sqlReports for the teacher portal, but instead make sure you install the site subscriber version for it as well.

Assigning Teachers to Groups

By default, reports will only show up in sqlReports in the teacher portal after the report has been assigned to specific groups under the Run Access tab in the edit area of the sqlReports report.  The groups listed in that area are admin groups, but all staff, including teachers, are in a group.  Any new staff created in PowerSchool are initially assigned to Group 1.  You'll need to decide if you want to leave them in that group and give access to reports to that group, or assign them to other groups, such as a HS Teacher group, an Elementary Teachers group, etc.

Before undertaking this process, you'll want to do a little planning.  PowerSchool has 50 groups by default, but you can add new ones.  For best results, you should use as many different groups for teachers as needed to prevent teachers from seeing reports they don't need.  For example, if your high school teachers only use meeting attendance, there's no need for them to see daily attendance reports that are useful for grade school and middle school teachers.  So you might want to create a group for each school type.  Reports can have multiple groups assigned to them, so you could have a meeting attendance report assigned to the high school teachers group, a daily attendance report assigned to grade school and middle school teachers groups, and a grades report assigned to all three groups.

To assign a group to a teacher, select the teacher from the admin portal start page and then go to the Security Settings screen for the teacher:


Click on the Admin Access and Roles tab and assign the teacher to a Default Group.  Do not check the top box to sign in to the admin portal, and do not fill in the admin username or password box.  sqlReports for the teacher portal only requires the Default Group part - teachers do not need to login to the admin portal to run reports because they'll be available in the teacher portal instead.   If for some reason you do have teachers that log into the admin portal and have the information filled in, then just make note of which Default Group they are in.   sqlReports will also look at roles, so if you have a teacher logging into the admin portal, you can leave the group as is, and assign the teacher to a role to be used with sqlReports.

Assigning Reports to Teachers

To assign a report to a group of teachers, click on the Run Access tab in the edit area of the sqlReports report and choose the group(s) that you want to assign to the report.  In the example below, the report is being assigned to the High School Teachers group, and any teacher in that group will be able to run that report in the teacher portal using sqlReports:


It's very important to test reports before assigning them to teachers.  Either use a test server to test things out first, or assign one teacher to a group and assign reports to that group and test them before assigning the report to other groups.


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