sqlReports 5.6.0 Preview Release

This is the first preview release for 5.6 – a second one will happen based on feedback and with some other modifications.  This release primarily includes new features vs modifications to existing features, including some features requested by users.  The next release will feature any changes based on feedback to this initial release, plus some modifications to existing features, including some requested by users.

This release only features the admin portal part of sqlReports and the import / export parts do not account for any of the new features.  Do not use the Saved Params add-on with this release and do not use any teacher version of sqlReports with it.

The preview release builds on and has the following changes (screenshots and more details for the following can be found in the Readme First pdf in the download):

  • A Header / Footer tab - allows you to add information above or below your reports
  • School Specific Run Access - you can have the report appear at all schools or just specific schools
  • Student Screens Version - run student specific reports via sqlReports in the student menus
  • Edit Report Groups - a function that allows the mass adding or editing of report group names
  • Check System Log for Oracle Error Messages - link from the sqlReports home page to the system log
  • Report Information Line Top Location - the output of the report will have the info line at the top as well

The preview release is based on the free version of and there is currently no teacher version or site subscriber version available.  Teacher files will be available in a future preview release and site subscriber versions will be available in the final release.  

The preview release should only be installed on test servers and is meant for experienced users to try out and provide any feedback.   Once you download the zip file below, unzip it so that you have access to the plugin files.   Please provide any feedback to Matt via matt @ sisresources.com.

sqlReports 5.6 Preview Release 1 Size: File Size 2.18 MB Downloads: Download 104 Download