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sqlCharts - admins can easily build charts from sqlReports 4 reports.
sqlExports - automate the export of your sqlReports 4 reports.
Standards Grade Search Tool - a free search tool for admins and teachers.

Welcome to SIS Resources, the home site for the popular customization sqlReports 4.  The site also includes some free and paid add-ons for sqlReports 4 and customization and SQL information pertinent to PowerSchool.  All customizations on this site are actively maintained and as soon as updates are released by PowerSchool, all the customizations are thoroughly tested and updated if necessary.

SIS Resources was created by and is maintained by Matt Freund.  It's been online in various forms since 2008 and was one of the first sites to feature free downloads of custom pages and reports.  The focus of it now is sqlReports 4, sqlExports, and sqlCharts.


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